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    Non-surgical hair replacement systems are becoming more advanced and more common — far more common than non-users might suspect. Today’s hair systems (like toupees, hair toppers, and wigs) are capable of passing without notice. Naysayers who don’t have any real experience with modern hair replacement systems spread a lot of bad information, fostering an obsolete view of hair replacement options. This is why acemanweaveunits.com is presenting this list of 5 common myths about non-surgical hair replacement.

    1) Hair Systems Are Easy To Spot

    Of course, anyone who is considering their hair replacement options will likely be concerned with the aesthetics of a hair system. Will it look natural? Will it be obvious to strangers? The myth that all wigs or toupees are easy to spot is increasingly obsolete. The wigs of the past were relatively easy to spot, it’s true. But modern hair replacement systems achieve a much more natural look; even your friends and relatives won’t realize that you’re wearing one!

    For the best appearance, a wig or toupee needs to be professionally fitted and installed. Competent blending and styling are important, too. A random person will have great difficulty detecting a well-crafted hair system. Even experienced users of hair systems often struggle to pick them out on other wearers.

    2) Hair Systems Are Delicate And Prone To Falling Off

    The easily-removed wig or toupee is a well-worn trope from the early days of comedy. How often have you seen a gust of wind or a casual tap send a wig flying on-screen? People considering a hair replacement system of their own often worry about this: Just how secure is a modern system? What are the odds of it coming off accidentally?

    The good news is, modern systems are highly secure and the easily-removed toupee truly is a myth of the past. Today’s hairpieces are kept in place by high-quality, long-lasting toupee adhesives that will keep your system firmly in place for as long as you need it. Intentional removal is easier than you might think; once it’s time to remove your system, a simple adhesive solvent will make the process fast and painless.

    As with the appearance of a modern hair system, its security does depend on proper application. Once you get the hang of attaching it, though, you can be confident in your system’s attachment.

    3) Hair Systems Are Sensitive To Heat

    This is a slightly rarer myth, mostly spread by people who investigated wearing wigs or toupees in the past. The misconception is that hair systems fare poorly in direct sunlight, hot climates, or generally high temperatures.

    There’s some truth behind this myth, as long periods of wear in strong sunlight can be uncomfortable. However, some of the advanced construction techniques used in modern systems (like breathable monofilament or lace bases) minimize this problem. Even “thin skin” systems, which are less breathable, can be worn in hot weather. (They aren’t recommended for users who spend most of their time in hot climates, though.)

    In cases when you’re worried about the effects of heat on your hair system, remember that you can always wear a hat for added comfort. And don’t worry; any good modern hairpiece can stand up to at least incidental sun exposure.

    4) Hair Systems Cost A Lot Of Money

    The cost of a modern hair system from a non surgical hair replacement salon depends on a lot of factors, principally the type of system and the vendor you choose to work with. Systems with synthetic hair are much more affordable than those that feature genuine human hair. The trade-off is that synthetic systems are somewhat less durable and high quality than those with real hair.

    Even splurging on a hairpiece made with real human hair is not necessarily going to be expensive, particularly if you buy from the right place. At Acemanweaveunits.com , for instance, you can pick up the M101 thin skin system for just $179 (at the time of writing). Bear in mind that you would want to rotate through multiple hairpieces, needing at least three of them for a full year’s coverage. With the M101, your total cost would be $537, or a little over $44 a month. That’s a reasonable cost for a whole year of full, natural-looking hair.

    5) Hair Systems Are Uncomfortable And Bad For Your Scalp/Natural Hair

    Although irritation and scalp damage are possible for anybody, hair system users need not worry about their hairpieces. In very rare cases, the method of attachment can cause problems. These issues are best considered on a one-off basis.

    Improper installation is responsible for a lot of problem cases. With a wig secured by hooks or strips, for instance, users may experience discomfort or shedding if they don’t attach the system properly.

    Some users have allergic reactions to specific glues or tape adhesives. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of different options available, making it easy to switch to a comfortable product. Industry professionals recommend starting with a patch test with any new scalp adhesive to avoid allergy problems.

    There are a few other hair system issues that can cause irritation or itchiness; fortunately, these problems are easily solved. Read more through the following link:

    5 Causes Of An Itchy Wig Or Toupee And What You Can Do About It

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